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FAM Senior specializes in managing independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities throughout our full-service approach. We focus our energy and efforts on our residents and their families. Our goal is to continually exceed our customer’s expectations with outstanding service. 

Why Utilize Full-Service Management Services?

Professional real estate investors know there is more to investing than simply owning prime properties. They understand a community designed specifically for seniors requires a team of knowledgeable, seasoned operators in order to maximize the overall return on their investment. 

The FAM Senior management team offers a diverse set of management skills and life experiences, giving us the ability to meet new challenges and achieve the bottom line our business partners expect. Our communication is responsive and transparent, ensuring successful business relationships and community management. 

We firmly believe that our mission cannot be solely accomplished within our corporate office. The FAM Senior management team is hands-on and is frequently out in the field, responding to the concerns of our staff and maintaining close contact with our residents and their families. We have a proven track record of assessing a situation, taking control, and implementing change. 

How FAM Senior Can Help Your Community

As a team, we can achieve new heights. FAM Senior has an experienced, responsive, and transparent management team that understands that the value of senior living real estate is directly related to sound management practices.

We strive to surpass the ordinary to become extraordinary in all that we do. Our goal is to continually exceed our customers’ expectations with outstanding service.

Full-Service Approach: Management Services


FAM Senior provides day-to-day staff support for all the diverse activities necessary to ensure the efficient, uninterrupted delivery of services to our residents. We know that consistently good care comes from consistently good management.

Our operations services include:

  • Overseeing the implementation of budgets and control of operations.
  • Conducting bi-annual resident satisfaction surveys.
  • Assisting communities’ staff in licensure and certification.
  • Assisting communities with staffing needs and concerns.
  • Supporting the Executive Directors with operational issues.
  • Assisting communities in long-range planning.
Sales & Marketing

At FAM Senior, we view the sales and marketing process as a chance to help seniors and their families make the best, most informed decisions. Across senior housing and care settings, the marketing landscape continues to shift along with changing market factors. 

FAM Senior communities are prepared and trained to be successful in the sales and marketing battle through our services, including:

  • Market research and analysis,
  • Strategic market planning,
  • Assistance in reaching marketing goals and objectives,
  • Publication assistance,
  • Marketing workshops and training,
  • Advertising support services,
  • And public relations.
Resident Care

The importance of great resident care has taken on new meaning in recent times. FAM Senior is prepared to weather this pandemic now and in the future.

Our resident care services include:

  • Corporate nursing oversight of all care programs.
  • Robust infection control programs centered around the use of R-Water, a disinfectant made in the communities that ends the supply chain issues with other products.  R-Water is safe for staff and residents alike. 
  • Recruitment, selection, and training of excellent care staff.
  • State-specific policies and procedures.
  • Refreshing Waters, a branded memory care program focused on meeting individual resident needs.
Human Resources

None of the marketing, administrative, and operational programs of FAM Senior mean much if the people who provide these services lack competence or compassion. FAM Senior develops and administers the policies and programs that attract the best staff and reward them for their service.

These services include:

  • Benefits administration.
  • Workers’ compensation and risk management programs.
  • Counsel with respect to employment law issues.
  • Recruitment, selection, and training.
  • Development and implementation of human resources policies and practices.
  • Assistance in recruitment of department managers and staff.

FAM Senior supports the rigors of daily accounting and monthly annual reporting that demand vigilance and accuracy. The principles of stewardship and integrity guide this intense scrutiny and oversight.

Our finance services include:

  • Reviewing financial activities, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll.
  • Preparing monthly unaudited financial statements.
  • Assisting communities in preparing annual budgets, consolidating, and incorporating budgets into overall operating cash flow projections. 
  • Conducting training workshops for Executive Directors and Business Office Managers. 
Office Support Services

FAM Senior as a whole can accomplish the necessary administrative and purchasing responsibilities much more efficiently than any standalone community. FAM means economy of scale, and the scale to which we aspire is excellence.

Our supportive services include:

  • Process and produce payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, financial, and budget information.
  • Produce statistical and/or specific reports as needed.
  • Maintain resident files.
  • Provide technical, operational, and maintenance support.
  • Group purchasing.
  • Coordination of all resident agreements.
Community Development & Management

As new communities are built, and existing communities are enlarged in response to the growing demand for services, FAM Senior is assuming a dynamic role in the planning and coordination of expansion activity. From initial budgeting considerations through maintenance of the completed community, we are on the scene to ensure quality and enduring value.

Our development and management services include: 

  • Coordinating planning for new and existing communities
  • Assisting in financial feasibility planning for expansion programs
  • Assisting with problems of plant maintenance 
  • Assisting community staff in capital budgeting

*Our senior living management services are all-inclusive and cannot be purchased separately.

How Can We Help You?

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